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HARA Foundation
(Yayasan Harapan Rakyat Berdaulat)

A social and humanitarian organization that combines the utilization of blockchain technology to bring forth sustainable social impacts and the acceleration of the Indonesian agriculture ecosystem.


Our Story

Yayasan Harapan Rakyat Berdaulat, also known as HARA Foundation, was established in 2017 as the umbrella organization that supports two main goals, the first is for the development acceleration of the agricultural sector and the second is to provide education and socialization regarding the role of blockchain in creating impact. Through HARA Foundation, NGOs and other social groups are invited to contribute to creating social impacts --both financially and digitally. 


When the world was hit by the pandemic in 2020, many Indonesians were severely impacted, be it in terms of health or financial security. To support our vision and missions, HARA Foundation initiated the Peduli Pangan Movement and Warung Tetangga to secure that people all around Indonesia have access to food and that SMEs are supported through the use of technology.


In 2021, HARA initiated a national movement to empower women in rural and semi-urban settings by first addressing issues of poverty and the limitations of systemic support given to farmers, and then establishing a solution through a social movement that drives female farmers and agripreneurs to obtain additional income during this pandemic.

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Our mission

Organize social initiatives that accelerate the development and digitalization of farmers and agriculture

Provide humanitarian assistance for impacted communities

Organize education about the social impacts of HARA blockchain technology



collaborative projects

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Peduli Pangan

Peduli Pangan Desa Kota was our initiative that focused on providing food for those who were affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. One of the biggest problems caused by the pandemic is food security, in which the food supply chain has been negatively impacted. HARA was able to collaborate with various private companies and NGOs, connecting players in the supply chain, to create the initiative Peduli Pangan: Desa Kota. We do this by sourcing food products from local farmers, opening Soup Kitchens run by volunteers, to supply food to the most vulnerable groups. To date, the Peduli Pangan team has benefited over 99,000 people in 2020 and established around 30 “kitchens” all around Jakarta.

warung tetangga

Warung Tetangga was a collaborative program with the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperation and small and medium enterprises (SME) with various other organizations. The goal of this program was to ensure the availability of stock supply as well as to strengthen SME shop owners, especially in adherence to the Indonesian government’s policy and campaign in social distancing, cashless payment, driving the digital economy as well as pushing the consumption of Indonesian made products.


The program was executed by digitizing SMEs through the use of the Warung Tetangga application, which in turn can reduce the need for physical mobility during the pandemic and instead create more job opportunities for package drivers. SME data collection was done through crowdsourcing, starting from community contributions and also contributions from the private sector and SOEs that have MSME networks. HARA then works together with volunteers to verify the data and information of each registered SME to then be uploaded on Google Maps to amplify their presence and business.

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PERTAHARA is a rural and semi-urban women empowerment and crowd planting movement that strives to enable a group of women to utilize their backyards to carry out profitable agricultural activities to produce additional income for their families. 

PERTAHARA is also addressing issues of poverty and inequality by creating more job prospects for women through the use of their existing resources (such as their smartphones or existing lands) and pushing forward their role as well as contribution as agripreneurs as the main actor in our ecosystem.


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